History and Objectives
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History and Objectives

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The Kommission für Zeitgeschichte was founded in 1962 to research the struggle between the NS state and the Catholic Church. However, from the outset the Commission’s interest has also extended to research into the political and social history of German Catholicism reaching back into the 19th century and to the experience of the contemporaries, beginning with the time after 1945, and in reunited Germany especially the history of Catholicism in the GDR.

The Commission maintains a research institute in Bonn including an extensive library and an archive for the history of Catholicism in Germany. It plans, organizes and finances team-orientated research projects and, in addition, cooperates with academics working on PhDs, postdoctoral theses or other projects. In the well-known »Blue Series« source material is edited (Series A) and scientific works are published (Series B).

Further information on the Commission’s work is to be found on the following pages. If you are working in a similar area or if you are interested in any of the projects, please feel free to contact us by mail or send us an email. In order to purchase any of the publications please get in touch directly with your local book shop or the publishing house Schöningh in Paderborn.

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