Dokumentenverzeichnis 1933-1945. Bearbeitet von Arnd Goertz
Kommission für Zeitgeschichte, Research Center, Bonn

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Dokumentenverzeichnis 1933–1945.
Bearbeitet von Arnd Goertz, Mainz 1990

(Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Zeitgeschichte, Reihe B: Forschungen, Bd. 50)

Dokumentenverzeichnis 1933–1945. Bearbeitet von Arnd Goertz.

Dokumentenverzeichnis 1933–1945.
Bearbeitet von Arnd Goertz.

Since the »Kommission für Zeitgeschichte« (Commission for Contemporary History) was founded in 1962, the relationship between the Catholic Church and National Socialism has constituted a major focal point of its research efforts. This emphasis is reflected in a large number of documentary collections and monographs dealing with the subject. Thanks in large part to these publications, the Nazi-era Kirchenkampf (church struggle) now belongs to the best-researched and documented episodes of recent history.

In the meantime, the amount of source materials discovered and published has grown to such dimensions that an index offering an organized overview of the material, and therefore readier access to it, is badly needed. The Index of Documents, 1933–1945 addresses that need.  It builds on earlier efforts from the 1980s and contains more than 9,500 document numbers. The relevant document texts have been reproduced, in their entirety or selectively, in the Commission's series A (Sources) and B (Scholarship) up to 1988.

The documents in this volume are organized in three separate ways:  1.) in a successively numbered chronological main registry that includes complete bibliographical citations; 2.) through an index of senders; and 3.) through an index of receivers. As a result of this cross-referencing system, any document can be quickly located.

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