Abmeier, K. / Hummel, K.-J.:  Der Katholizismus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1980-1993
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Abmeier, Karlies / Hummel, Karl-Joseph:  Der Katholizismus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1980–1993, Paderborn [u. a.] 1997

(Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Zeitgeschichte, Reihe B: Forschungen, Bd. 80)

Karlies Abmeier / Karl-Joseph Hummel:  Der Katholizismus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1980–1993.

Karlies Abmeier / Karl-Joseph Hummel:  Der Katholizismus in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1980–1993.

In objective and structure, the bibliography Catholicism in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1980–1993 closely resembles the preceding volume covering the period from 1945–1980 (Veröffentlichungen der Kommission für Zeitgeschichte, Reihe B: Forschungen, Bd. 40). The editors have compiled an exhaustive register of publications about Catholic life and the contribitions of Catholics to state and society. Their attention is not limited to the Catholic Church as an institution but also encompasses the broad spectrum of Catholics who, as individuals or in associations and other groups, represented Catholicism in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The bibliography’s approximately 15,000 entries consist to a large extent of hard-to-find publications: Festschrift contributions and journal articles, many from rare compilations, as well as a large body of so-called »grey literature,« mostly pamphlets and shorter publications that are often unavailable from book dealers but of great value to scholars of contemporary history. The bibliography contains information on 5,000 authors and approximately 260 Catholic personalities from the fields of politics, society, church, culture, and scholarship.

Together with volume I, this bibliography represents the first comprehensive guide to Catholics’ positions regarding developments in politics and society, and to what they were discussing at the time, in the German Federal Republic from 1945–1993. It will be indispensable for scholarly and journalistic research, as well as for preparing conferences and seminars. The bibliography’s systematic organization, numerous cross-references, and comprehensive index for names, topics, and journals enable researchers to locate the publications they need quickly and efficiently.

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